Lucky Bear Soap Co. was created by Sky Veek in 2011 in Tillamook, Oregon. Since childhood she has had a keen sense of smell and has always loved outdoor aromas. She spent years researching the healing powers of herbs & plants and their pure oils. Aromatherapy gives her the joy of experimenting with chemistry and her passion for art, photography and design comes through in her product labels and packaging. She has learned to take plant oils, vegetable oils and herbs and blend them into lotions, massage oils, soaking salts and sprays for the body, home and pets. In 2012, Skyler launched a line of organic olive oil soaps. Each bar of soap features the rescue story of Lucky Bear, an abandoned Jersey bull calf she found in 2009 and nursed back to health. Lucky’s face is proudly the brand logo. Soap proceeds go toward Lucky Bear’s food, bedding, fencing and barn repair. All of the organic and natural products are healthy for us, our pets and the planet.

My Inspiration

“I am inspired daily by Oregon’s natural beauty that surrounds me. Nature plays a huge part in my daily life. I love nurturing plants and watching food grow in my organic garden and greenhouse at the edge of the forest. My rescued pets, especially Lucky Bear and my dogs inspire new pet products and my creative kids help with herbal scent combinations. Being conscientious of my carbon footprint inspires my recycled paper soap labels and reusable and recyclable packaging. My community’s feedback also inspires new product creations and soap flavors.”

About Lucky Bear Soap Products

What Makes us Stand Out?

“I use only the highest quality organic ingredients. My products are all handmade in small batches by me with love. I get to combine my love for animals, passion for creating and love of plant knowledge in my business. Each Lucky Bear product features Lucky Bear’s sweet brown face on the label. People love hearing Lucky Bear’s rescue story and can’t believe that I took on such a feat. He, along with my book, The True Story of Lucky Bear have been great teaching tools in classrooms and homes across the country. I’m able to give back to my rural community by teaching workshops to kids and adults. Sharing knowledge of the power of plants and teaching alternative methods to harmful chemicals in the household is so rewarding. I have collaborated with 2 local breweries and a local coffee roaster to make coffee beer soap. The Lucky Bear Soap line is sold in 16 retail stores in Oregon.”

Keep it Local

“We must support our country’s artisans by purchasing locally grown food, locally handmade art and products made close to our homes. I’m able to donate my products to school fundraisers, silent auctions and charity events that support my community. I love to collaborate with other business owners in my community.”

Lucky Bear Soap Workspace & Shop

“I recently purchased a small historic building in downtown Tillamook, Oregon. I have my soap shop and factory organized neatly in 512 sq. ft. with high ceilings and large windows that look out onto the street. On a daily basis people are drawn in by the lovely smells of soaps and oils wafting down the block. My store front features handmade olive oil soaps, essential oils, organic herbs (fresh and dried) and hand-painted signs on driftwood that I’ve collected from the beach. My work-space in the back houses all my bulk oils, ingredients and packaging. I have 2 large tables that double as work surface and seating for workshops and classes that I offer monthly.”

Lucky Bear painting sign on side of building

Lucky Bear Renovation

Lucky Bear before renovations


Lucky Bear renovation base paint

Painting Exterior

Lucky Bear Soap Grand Opening

Grand Opening